Nightly Notions - 14.04.15

Profound Meditations

by Ryan Held


     It’s a safe bet that your e-mails/texts are too long when you start needing to divide them into chapters, verses, or line numbers.

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her mouth is as wide as her eyes are narrow
a hypothesis wavering on a primitive rung
fingers protrude from wool

concealing contentment
pacifism has been achieved
through the expository

the mechanical enigma of derision
removing the ontological confusion of privilege
do you mean that you think that what she really meant
   when she said that she didn’t really mean what
      she was saying was that she really meant
         to say something really mean instead?

she gives you that look
when you’re looking the other way
her sighs are beyond
the periphery
of language




Within you nothing endured.
Of your sarcastic rage. Of my crystal love.
Of strangled tears. Of elapsing seconds,
the dawdling few that linger.

Within me something remained.
Of your blunt obdurance. Of my grinning flesh.
Of childhood secrets. Of honeycomb dissonances,
that wished to swallow us whole.


As always …

Thanks to the kind editor who featured my latest 297* poem. It’s such a humbling privilege and kindness to be recognized by one’s peers. 

- Tim

Nightly Notions - 14.04.14

Profound Meditations

by Ryan Held


     Contrary to the confusion of some, ice cubes can not actually rap.

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swollen acoustics
the lurid lattice of molecules
photons whispering

vegetables today plastic tomorrow
watch my mouth rim
salivating viscera

approaching authentic humdrum
her lacquered calm
deprived of domesticity


Nightly Notions - 14.04.13

Profound Meditations

by Ryan Held


     I sort of wonder if leopards ever get together and talk about invoking the fashion trend of wearing “human print”.

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you were attempting to stare
but not lock eyes
waiting to listen
without having to speak
hoping to catch my attention
yet somehow remain invisible
needing to love and be loved back
living on a shoestring budget


Fantasy Box Office 2014: Week 14 Scoreboard

by Ryan Held

     We here at Stray Notions love movies so much; we decided to make a fantasy game out of them. Thus was born, Fantasy Box Office.  Check back each week to see how Tim and I are fairing in our “friendly” competition. Here are this year’s rules.

Draft podcasts: JanuaryFebruaryMarchApril

Previous scoreboards: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13


      Here is the weekend of Friday, April 6 - Sunday, April 8:


1. (Total Box Office) Captain America: The Winter Soldier = 95.0 * 1.1 (freshness factor) = 104.5

2. (TBO or PSA) Muppets Most Wanted = 6.1 * 1 = 6.1

3. (TBO or PSA) The Grand Budapest Hotel = 6.1 * 1.25 = 7.6

4. (Per Screen Average) Under the Skin = 33.3 * 1.1 = 36.6

Bonus Points = 15.0

This Week = 169.9

Total to date = 1075.6



1. (TBO) Noah = 17.0 * 1 = 17.0

2. (TBO or PSA) Divergent = 13.0 * 0.9 = 11.7

3. (TBO or PSA) Madagascar: Island of Lemurs = 5.1 * 1 = 5.1

4. (PSA) Dom Hemingway = 7.3 * 0.9 = 6.6

Bonus Points = 0.0

This Week = 40.4

Total to date = 1043.1


     For more analysis, look for our Fantasy Box Office coverage on the Entertainment page
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Plays: 24

Stray Notions Podcasting presents:

Mad Men: Season 7a: Preview (04/13/2014 - 20 min)

    Grab some Sunkist and settle in for another season of our Mad Men series as Tim and Ryan lead us to the season 7 premiere.

     Thank you for straying with us!

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